Wife throws him out of the house every day: Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput are known as the sweet couple of Bollywood. Shahid is spending seven years of his family life with 13-year-old Mira. Their happy life with two children. But whether Shahid Kapoor said, his wife kicks him out of the house every day!

Wife throws him out of the house every day: Shahid Kapoor

Recently, Shahid was confronted by a radio jockey. There, the actor said, he has no power in front of his wife and children. "Every day, in front of my wife and children, I feel like I have no qualifications," he said. But I'm still at home. For seven years no one was able to evict me. I mean, he takes me out every day, but I go back. '

Do Mira and her children drive Shaheed out of the house? In reply, the actor said, "Absolutely not. But it happens. You have two daughters, they keep you safe, I have one too. But now he has started going to school. I am treated unfairly when the girl is not with me. '

It is understood that Shahid Kapoor said the words in a funny way. So the host also enjoyed the funny story of the married life of the star with a smile.

Shahid Kapoor further said that his wife Meera is his biggest critic. If a movie is bad, Meera doesn't watch it. He even told Shaheed on his face. The actor does not agree with his wife on all issues. He thinks it is a sign of a healthy and normal marriage.
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