If there is no madness in love, then it is not love: Pori Moni

Actress Parimani and actor Shariful Raj have turned their seven-day love into a marriage. In October last year, they acted in the movie 'Gunin' directed by Ghiyasuddin Selim. This is seen in the movie Subadei. And just a week after the meeting, the princess got married.

If there is no madness in love, then it is not love: Pori Moni

For many, it's just madness. But to them this is love, this is love. In a Facebook post on Saturday (May 7), Parimani hinted at that. With a few pictures, the heroine wrote, "If there is no madness in love, then it is not love."

Parimani and Raj are in Cox's Bazar. Enjoying the privileged time in the enchanting environment there. After marriage, this is where they go for a walk together. So it can be said that this is the honeymoon of the royal fairy.

The pictures posted by the fairy on Saturday showed them staying in a room of a luxury hotel. Rooms have been specially arranged for them. As is done for honeymoon couples.

One day Shariful Raj also shared some special pictures of them. It can be seen that they are in love with the sun in front of them at dusk. Sometimes you are deeply involved with each other, sometimes you are feeling the happiness of love by holding your forehead.

Raj and Pari went to Cox's Bazar on May 2. This time they have celebrated Eid there. Shamsul Haque, the grandfather of the fairy, was also with them to celebrate Eid in the city of Samudra.

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