What is WordPress and the reason for the popularity of WordPress

If you are an internet user and have a general idea about websites then you may have heard of WordPress. And even if you haven't heard, you must have already visited the website made with WordPress without your knowledge. Simply put, WordPress is a software. With this you can easily create a website with WordPress and manage the content of the website even if you have no idea about coding. WordPress is currently the most popular and easy way to create a website. If you don't know about WordPress then this article is for you. What is WordPress? And why use WordPress? Why is WordPress so popular? If you are interested in this then you can continue this article.

What is WordPress?

Before we know what a WordPress is, we need to have an idea about Content Management System (CMS). Content management systems are website building software, website building tools. It is a tool for managing the contents of a website and controlling the entire website. Content management systems have emerged to get out of the complex code concept and simplify the development process. Creating a website requires a lot of code. Creating a website by writing so many codes every time is a very time consuming and challenging thing for a developer. These tasks can be done in a very short time and very easily using a content management system. There are currently many content management systems in place to create and manage websites. Some of the notable content management systems are WordPress, Joomla, Magenta, PHP-Nook etc. There are many more you can find if you do a little Google search.

WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system in the crowd of so many content management. This is an open source CMS. Its download usage is completely free. You can modify, edit, cut and do whatever you want. No one has to be held accountable for this. https://wordpress.org/ You can download WordPress at any time from this website.

What is WordPress? History of WordPress

WordPress was first published in 2003. It was developed by American web developer Matthew Charles Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little. At first it was a blog publishing tool but now WordPress is a content management system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under GPLv2. More than 43% of the world's website users are using the WordPress platform to create websites. WordPress is currently running version 5.6.2 and is constantly being updated.

What is WordPress? Advantages of WordPress

  • OpenSource: The software is open source and can be downloaded and used for free. You do not need permission from anyone and you can customize WordPress any way you want.
  • Creating a website without coding knowledge: Even if you don't have any kind of coding knowledge to create a website with WordPress, you can create a website with it and control the website. That's not to say you won't learn or know coding at all. If you have coding knowledge, you can apply better performance on your website.
  • User Friendly Interface: WordPress has a very user friendly interface so even incompetent users can use it very easily. And you can become proficient in WordPress in a very short time.
What is WordPress? Advantages of WordPress

  • Themes and Plugins: Due to the popularity of WordPress, many themes and plugins have already been created for WordPress. Many themes and plugins are free and many themes and plugins are paid. These themes and plugins will speed up your work. If your budget is low then you can create many beautiful and professional quality websites with just free themes and plugins.
  • Learn about some of the best free themes in WordPress. Free download.
  • Advantages of creating any website: With WordPress you can create any type of website including emakers, blogs, newspapers, business, lawyers, medical.

The future of WordPress

The demand and popularity of WordPress has been increasing day by day since 2003. No matter what the popularity or opportunity, there is no other platform close to the edge of WordPress. So it can be said that WordPress will reign for a long time.

The process of learning WordPress

Before you learn WordPress, ask yourself, Why learn WordPress? There are two possible answers - (1) to maintain your own website. (2) To create a website for the client. If you want to learn WordPress just to maintain your website then you only need to know about WordPress Dashboard. And it is not a matter of knowing. After watching YouTube for a week, you will be able to do it.

And if you want to be a professional WordPress developer, you need to complete the following and learn a lot of things very well over a long period of time. You need to know how to use HTML, CSS and many more programming languages. Below I am discussing all the issues.

  • Computer: - A fairly good quality computer. Internet connection.
  • Software and tools: Notepad ++, Dreamweaver or any such text editor should have a very good idea. This is because the files on the website are written through this text editor and then edited. Have a rough idea about Photoshop.
  • Willpower: - It takes a lot of willpower and patience.
  • Work environment: - You need a secluded environment to work. Because you have to learn many subtle and complex things in a very cold head.
  • Time: - You have to have enough time. The wife sat down to work and handed over the bag to the market or asked to take it for a walk or you are in dire financial straits. No, brother. Must have the mentality of working for 8/10 hours daily for a minimum of 2/3 years free of cost.
  • Linguistic Skills: - You need to know English fairly well.
If the above is the case then you can start the journey of becoming a WordPress developer. Before you start learning, spend 10/15 days on web design and development with WordPress, WordPress themes and plugins on Google and YouTube. Read the article, watch the video. Read on and see what you get in front of you without purpose. This will create an idea of ​​your own and an opportunity to verify yourself. Since you are going to learn a quirky thing like coding, you start learning only if there is love and interest in coding.

Congratulations on your decision to become a web developer. You start learning the following topics serial by serial.
  1. HTML - HTML (hypertext markup language) is a type of markup language. Different parts of a website are marked by HTML. Where the header of a website will be, where the footer will be, where the sidebar will be, etc., etc. are determined by the HTML. There is no substitute for learning HTML in order to learn web development. You can start learning HTML by clicking here.
  2. CSS - Website makeup is done with CSS (cascading style sheets). HTML Markup Website is basically a skeleton. This skeleton is visualized through CSS. You need to learn CSS to do all the design work, including the size of each part of your website, the color of each part, the size of the image, the font size or any font. You can start learning CSS by clicking here.
  3.  Responsive Design - This is a part of CSS. A website is visited from a variety of devices. So Responsive Design is designed to make the website look good on different types of devices. If the website is designed for computers only, then the content will not show like a hack when the website is visited with mobile. You need to learn to use CSS well to do Responsive Design.
  4. Javascript & jQuery - Integrates a website with Javascript & jQuery. For example, when someone on Facebook likes or comments on your post, you get a notification. This work is called inter activity. To do this you must learn Javascript & jQuery. You will also need Javascript & jQuery to make your website functional by creating different types of slide shows, email forms, email subscription forms and login forms. You can start learning Javascript & jQuery by clicking here.
  5.  Bootstrap - Bootstrap is a very popular font in framework. It can be used to design a website in a very short time. You can do the work with CSS in 1 minute with Bootsrap that will take you 1 hour. Most clients demand Bootstrap to design their website. If you have learned HTML, CSS and Javascript & jQuery then learning Bootstrap is for you.
  6.  PHP PHP is used to make a website dynamic or functional. Of course, there are many other languages ​​through which you can do website development. But first you learn PHP. I have discussed the dynamic website above. Basically PHP is used to create a website admin panel. In general, the more dynamic or functional the website, the higher the demand for the website or theme.
  7.  Photoshop - Photoshop has been mentioned before. If you are not very experienced in Photoshop, you need to learn. Because in order to design a website, sometimes you need more work like logo design, logo, image size, resize. In this case, if you do not know Photoshop, you can not be an experienced web developer. Moreover, clients usually design their website in Photoshop and bring it to a web developer. In this case, to separate the elements of the website from Photoshop, you must know about Photoshop. What is WordPress?
After learning so far, you should start dealing with WordPress software. After a couple of days, memorize the WordPress dashboard. Then there are different sections of WordPress, such as theme development, plugin development. This theme includes various branches of plugin development such as ecommerce, newspaper, business etc. Now, if you want to, but you can't finish everything by yourself. So you have to come up with a trend.

Where to learn the above topics:

If you are interested in learning, you can first learn from online Google YouTube. You can read books by different authors. You can learn from any coaching center.
However, I would say that you should try to get free resources online without spending money by getting admitted somewhere in the beginning. Here are some links to websites. You will benefit a lot from here. What is WordPress?
  • W3Schools - In this website you can learn almost all of the above topics from A to Z very well.
  • sattacademy - You can also learn a lot from this website. Everything here is written in a very beautiful way in Bengali.
  • codders foundation - You can learn a lot about frontend from this youtube channel.
After learning from these free resources for a while, you can get admitted in any good institution. You can buy premium courses and learn by yourself at home. Then your learning will be faster.

After learning all the work you will become a web developer. Then with a little effort you can build a career in the web development field. Offline, you can earn millions of rupees per month from various online platforms. What are you thinking Gul Marchi, so you may be taking the matter lightly. No, brother, this is 100% true. If you are a good web developer, you don't have to look for a job. Then different IT companies will offer you jobs. Because there is a lot of demand for web development online and offline. What is WordPress?

The reason for the popularity of WordPress

The main reason for the popularity of WordPress is the simple and user friendly interface. People who have a light idea about computers can easily use WordPress. If he doesn't know coding knowledge then there is no problem. Free has many professional quality themes and plugins. WordPress is constantly being updated and new features are being added.

WordPress has a huge community. If you have a problem with work, you can easily find a solution by discussing it there. There are thousands of WordPress developers to help you.

WordPress is completely free to use. Websites built on WordPress are very SEO friendly. Highly secured. There are many more reasons for this popularity. What is WordPress? What is WordPress?

So far today. Then I will appear before you on any other subject. Until then, everyone stay well, stay healthy.

Jonny Richards

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