Things to be careful about in a residential hotel

We have to stay in residential hotels for work purposes at different times. If you want to travel again, you have to stay in a hotel. There are a few things to keep in mind when staying at a residential hotel. If not, there may be a big problem. Let us not know that the work cannot be done in the hotel at all.

The door cannot be opened by knocking

Someone knocked on the door and he immediately opened it. You can fall into any big trouble. So please check first and then open the door. Remember all the hotels but not so sure.

You can't go to the hotel's minibar.

Soft drinks or hard drinks such as drinks cannot be consumed from the hotel minibar. It is seen that the cost of the minibar has become more than the rent of the hotel room. This minibar is good at cutting pockets.

Caution in the use of hotel items

Don't think of expensive hotel furniture, even towels, paintings as your own resources. It is often seen that many people carry them in their bags when they leave the hotel room. If detected, the value will be stretched respectfully.

Things to be careful about in a residential hotel

beware of bedbugs

No matter how good the quality of the hotel and the luxurious rooms are. But once the beetle enters danger. So check for beetles. If you have bugs, if you don't report it to the authorities, your comfort will go to hell.

Do not drink water from the hotel tap.

Hotel corridor expensive but pami line but not expensive. So buy bottled water without drinking tap water. Protect yourself from waterborne cash.

Be careful when using the remote

Every day the remote control in the hotel room is changed. Therefore, the risk of getting infected is also high. A recent study found that television germs spread many germs.

Keep room numbers secret

Do not manually pronounce your hotel room number wherever you are or at check-in. Perpetrators draw on this information. Keep this a secret as much as you can, don't let anyone you know know your room number.

Do not keep valuables in the room.

Many people keep valuables in a secret place in their hotel room. This is extremely wrong. Those who are good at robbing hotel rooms, but know the whereabouts of those 'secret' places better than you!

do not bother

Hang the Do Not Disturb sign outside the door. Then no one will bother you in your personal time.
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