Nursery business: Start this business with a capital of only ten thousand

Nursery business: Start this business with a capital of only ten thousand
At present people are worshipers of beauty. People always plant trees around the house for beauty. So that the places around his house look beautiful. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. As a result, sales in nurseries have also increased. If you wish, you can become an entrepreneur in this nursery business. This business does not require much money.
Let us know what are the guidelines for success in nursery business.

Nursery location selection

 You need to choose the right place to make a nursery. You need to choose a place where you need to have a nursery near Main Road, a town or a market. So that buyers can easily find your nursery. Also, it is very easy to get the plants out of your nursery. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

Nursery water system

Water will be required for nursery. For that you have to arrange water first. You can use a tubewell or water pea for water.

Equipment for nursery

What equipment can be used to make a nursery. They use tools like spade, garden fork, scissors, mug, bucket, budding light, saw, hedge cutter, travel etc.

Soil for nursery

For the nursery you need to choose a place where light air can enter very easily. The soil must be fertile. Of course your nursery must be on a high place. So that flood or rain water can not freeze.

Seed planting for nursery

 You must plant good quality seeds for nursery seedlings. And for good seed you have to buy from agriculture office. Then the soil should be filled with polythene and the seeds should be planted. And you have to take care so that water does not accumulate in the sediment. And if the water is frozen, the seed will not grow.

Name the nursery

A good name for the nursery. Signboards should be put up in an attractive place for nursery promotion. So that the buyers can be seen in the nursery duktei. You can also campaign online if you wish.

When doing nursery you have to keep in mind to prevent infestation from animals or humans. You need to make a bera 2.5 feet high around the nursery.
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