You can log in to Facebook anonymously

The popular social network Facebook has been added to the function to log in anonymously. The new feature was announced at Facebook's F8 conference by Mark Zuckerberg, the founding director of Facebook.

You can log in to Facebook anonymously

In recent times, when the world of technology is concerned about the privacy and security of information online, this new feature of Facebook has received a global response. At the annual Facebook F6 Developer Conference in San Francisco, Facebook is always coming up with something new. In this context, Zuckerberg has introduced this feature this time and they continue to investigate what Facebook users like or dislike. Zuckerberg said that Facebook's login feature, while it will keep the identity secret, will initially be open for the mobile platform. This feature was launched with the aim of motivating more mobile users to use Facebook. For those who don't normally want to share their information online, this is a great opportunity, Zuckerberg said.

In addition to mobile apps on Facebook, the apps themselves often tell the user what information to share. The new feature allows users to choose what information they want to share or if they want to share any information. Basically, only Facebook developers can use this feature initially. Later it will be open to all.

Jonny Richards

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