Power generation from potatoes !! You can too !! See how?

Power generation from potatoes !! You can too !! See how?

Potatoes are not only delicious and nutritious as a food, but also great as a source of electricity. Anyone can build a battery using just two reverse-charged electrode sheets on the potato. However, one step further, the method of generating electricity directly from the green part of the potato has been discovered. Heim Rabinovich added a new dimension to the technological research of this power generation. For the past few months, Rabinovich and his colleagues have been trying to use this method to generate electricity cheaply, according to a report published by the BBC. The power generation process will take place by connecting some cheap metals and their parts with the new green stalk-like part attached to the potato. This will make it possible to generate electricity in remote cities and rural areas, Rabinovich said. Rabinovich added that although the process of generating electricity from potatoes is ancient, this is the first idea of ​​doing it from the green part of the potato. Rabinovich, a scientist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, claims that a potato can be used to light up a house for up to 40 days using LED lights. Him creating a power source from potatoes by hand in class.

Materials: 1. Some potatoes 2.Iron nail 3. Copper sheet 4. Some of it

Connection method: Nail and fix the copper sheet to the potato and connect it to the small digital clock or LED. Diameter, ready.
Jonny Richards

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