Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the winter months, with more children being affected

Feni: Outbreaks of diarrhea have increased in Feni with the arrival of winter. Children are being affected the most.
Feni: Outbreaks of diarrhea have increased in Feni with the arrival of winter. Children are being affected the most.

As a result, the number of patients in the 250-bed Feni General Hospital diarrhea ward has increased. The hospital's diarrhea ward has doubled the number of patients in the last few days.
Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital say the number of children among the admitted patients is higher. The doctors in charge say that as winter progresses, children's diarrhea also increases. In recent days, many of the Assads have been hospitalized with rotavirus diarrhea.
Residential Health Officer of the General Hospital of Feni. Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan said that in November of last year, an average of 21 children entered the diarrhea room every day, but in December it reached 33 to 35. Of the 34 people entered on Tuesday (January 5), 31 were children.

He said there are 16 beds in the diarrhea ward. Every day additional patients are admitted to the bed. Doctors say rotavirus vaccine is privately available on the market to prevent pediatric diarrhea.

Officially, the residential health officer in the context of the vaccine. Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan said that it has not been confirmed yet. The health department investigation is ongoing.

Neonatal and Pediatrician Noakhali Abdul Malek Ukil Medical College Associate Professor. Bimal Chandra Das said that with the arrival of winter, children's diarrhea increases. There is a common belief that diarrhea is caused solely by rotavirus. This idea is incorrect, in addition to rotavirus, other germs can also cause diarrhea. So the rotavirus vaccine is not always effective.

Hosna Akhter, 35, from Fatehpur village in Feni Sadar upazila's Sharshadi union. She told banglanews that she was in the hospital with her one-year-old daughter, Sumaiya. The girl is vomiting and urinating. After being hospitalized for a day, her condition improved.

Khodeja Begum arrived at the hospital with Ella Ferdous's six-month-old daughter from Jagatpur in Fulgazi Upazila. She said that for the last four or five days, the girl has been vomiting and having thin stools. She did not recover even after seeing the village doctor. So they put me in the hospital.

When going to the diarrhea room, you see that many people look for services to get a bed on the hospital floor due to the bed crisis. Physicians and nurses are treating many children in empty space in front of the diarrhea room, as their condition gets worse.

However, no patients died from diarrhea, the hospital's residential health officer said. Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan said: "We have fewer beds here but we have enough emergency medical equipment." All patients will receive good treatment even if they suffer a little.
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