Mobile will be charged in 30 seconds!

Mobile will be charged in 30 seconds!

Your smartphone battery charge lasts about two days. It's not that safe to work on a charge and you don't have the patience to wait an hour or two on a charge. But if that happens, in a few seconds your phone will be fully charged! It is no longer a dream. An Israeli company is bringing such technology into your hands. The company, called Stordot, claims that its battery will fully charge in just 30 seconds.

They have created a biochemical compound called a nanodot. As small as its size, its electrode and electrolyte capacity will be incredible. As a result, just a few seconds is not enough to recharge the battery. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of the company, said that they had created a new generation of electrodes with a completely new material. They call it multifunction electrode.

The conventional method of battery manufacturing uses a large amount of heavy metals, which are often toxic. But nanodata uses biochemicals that do not harm the environment. Myersdorf says that it is a supercapacitor that recharges rapidly and discharges as slowly as a lithium electrode. This innovation could change the structure and engineering of wearable electronics. It is even believed that high-speed electric vehicles will revolutionize the technology.
Jonny Richards

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