Achievement of a Bangladeshi scientist, the train will run but will not touch the line!

The train will run but the train wheel will not touch the track or the truck. With the help of a magnet you will move forward and reach your destination in the blink of an eye. While it is unbelievable in the global transportation industry, it is true and real. And all the achievement of a scientist from Bangladesh. This is Dr. Ataul Karim. One of the 100 best scientists in the world. The success story of Dr. Ataul Karim, Vice President (Research) at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, adjacent to Washington DC, USA, has been reported in the US media. Researchers at the university have spent huge sums of money on the federal administration over the past eight years to build such a train. But I couldn't walk around success. Dr. Ataul Karim finally took the lead in this research project in 2004 and was able to build the train in the last year and a half. The test was successful. The only thing left to do now is to release it commercially.

Achievement of a Bangladeshi scientist, the train will run but will not touch the line!

Dr. Karim came to the United States 30 years ago with a bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Dhaka. He went on to earn a master's degree in physics, a master's degree in electrical engineering, and a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Alabama in 1989, 1989, and 1981, respectively. He began his professional life after earning an institutional degree, and thanks to his talents and qualifications, he currently leads 5,000 talented researchers and students in the United States and around the world in at least 600 colleges. Under the leadership of Dr. Karim, 6 faculties, at least 20 research centers, 600 faculty, and more than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students are being managed.

Although trains with speeds of more than 150 miles per hour were discovered in Germany, China and Japan, the average cost per truck or line was 110 million per mile, but Dr. Karim's train would cost only / 12-13 million. The characteristic of this train is that it will not touch the track after starting.
Jonny Richards

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