Abahani won the traditional 'Dhaka Derby' with the goal of Sohail Rana

In the first half of the match, four from Abahani and three from Mohammedan saw yellow cards. Akashi Nilrai had the last laugh in the tense match. Coach Mario Lames' team beat their arch-rivals 1-0 at home thanks to two performances by Sohail.
Abahani won the traditional 'Dhaka Derby' with the goal of Sohail Rana
In minute 2 of the match in Sylhet, there was tension between the players of both teams focused on the corner kick. The referee showed yellow cards to two Mohammedans and an Abahani to control the situation. Whose resh was until the end of the match. In the eighth minute of the match, Daniel Colindres de Abahani's cross, Jewel Rana, volleyed in, but his volleyed shot was blocked off the post.

Three minutes later, Mohammedan had a chance to take the lead, but it was captain Suleiman Diabat who squandered the golden opportunity. However, Abahani midfielder Sohail Rana broke the deadly lock of the match in the 26th minute. Akashi Nils took a 1-0 lead when the bullet-speed shot taken from outside the area near Nabib's life Newaz shook the opponent's net.

Sohail did not forget to celebrate in Cristiano Ronaldo style scoring the goal that put the team ahead. Sohail could have doubled the lead in the 37th minute of the match. However, the locals did not get the goal when their shot went off the post.

For his part, Mahometano, who on paper is lagging behind in the fight for dignity, also had several opportunities to tie the game. However, luck did not help Sylhet's blacks and whites. The Akashi-Nils left the field with a 1-0 win when neither team scored another goal in the end.
With this win, Abahani Limited has risen to the top of the points table with 13 points from 5 matches. In the same match, Mohammedan is in fourth position with the previous 6 points in the first index. In the other match of the day, Sheikh Jamal defeated Sheikh Russell 1-0.

Jamal in the points table with 11 points. With only one win in the league, Russell's position is 7th with 5 points.
Jonny Richards

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